Top 5 Best T-Shirt Designs For 2020

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T-shirts are fun pieces of clothing. Not only are they comfortable to wear and easy to store in a wardrobe so you can own more than one, but t-shirts also help to spread the word. Whether your t-shirt is being used as a marketing tool or just to show others how you feel about a particular topic or your mood, t-shirts can say a lot of things.

The most interesting thing about that is a t-shirt can carry a message that is easily understood without explanation. In other words, you do not have to speak at all if your t-shirt has a clean and concise message on it.

These messages come in various kinds of designs. Here is a look at the best t-shirt design for 2020.

1 – Cartoon T-Shirt Designs

Cartoon themed t-shirts are a hot trend this year. Expect to see some major clothing brands adopting well-known cartoon characters as “spokespeople” promoting their products. One of the best things about cartoon-themed t-shirts is that the boundaries of your message can go largely undefined. That’s because cartoons are not real so when one cartoon character says something outrageous – such as a political statement – it is both funny and also gets the point across.

2 – Flower Power Is Back

For some reason, one of the best t-shirt designs that keeps coming back into fashion is the one that focuses on flowers. Expect to see many more in the coming year as flowers and anything related to flowers on a t-shirt represents romance.

Clothing designers such as Gucci have made flowers a statement in new head-to-toe fashions and your t-shirt collect can enhance this with images of flowers, plant life and all types of greenery.

3 – Feathers Flock Together

Because there is such a vast variety of bird feathers all around us, the shape and color of them can lead to much inspiration. Feather prints can be vibrant in color and as a result produce a good, positive and upbeat vibe.

Have a good message to share? Feather accents will give it that special touch. Peacock feathers are particularly popular because they are so easily recognized. Plus, the intricate construction of a feather is easy to use with other designs.

4 – Get Back To Nature

Nature-inspired t-shirt designs are going to be a big part of the best t-shirt designs trend for 2020. With an ongoing focus on sustainability, eco-friendly products, reducing carbon footprints and the push for more “green” production of everyday products, it just makes sense.

Watch for messages on t-shirts that point to these values and make use of nature and natural visuals to help get that message across. Nature-inspired t-shirts will be big this year and beyond.

5 – Goth Is The New Black

Mystery, dark and ominous graphics and elements will make gothic designs a new standard in t-shirts this year. Things to watch for include pirate skulls, skeletons, mythical sea creatures, ancient seascapes, vintage typography, and rope designs. All of these will play a big role in the best t-shirt designs trend of 2020. Have a dark message you want to spread around this year? Goth is not just a look, it is a complete fashion trend.

In Conclusion

T-shirt design trends come and go about as quickly as any other fashion trend. That is why this year is so interesting as the best t-shirt designs that will be trending are a little on the throwback side. In other words, there is nothing new this year which means if you have a couple of t-shirts hidden in your closet with cartoons on them or feature designs, these have just become fashionable once again. What was that they said about what comes around, goes around?

Trends do that. They come and go and sometimes return more often than new trends developing. That’s why at we have an extensive collection of graphics you can use to design your own t-shirt through our online store.

You can also choose an existing design from our complete archive of what other people have uploaded for use. You could start your own trend without even knowing it. 

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