The Most Expensive T-Shirts On The Planet

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Oddly enough, t-shirts can carry extreme values related to much more than the brand, manufacturer and quality of craftsmanship. Some of the most expensive t-shirts happen to have become so valued based solely on the design that they carry. Here is a look at the most expensive t-shirts current available.


1 – Superlative

The introduction of the Superlative cool t-shirt designs was in London in 2012. This has become the most expensive t-shirt in the world based on how it is made. This product uses different sources of energy (electric and solar power) and emits almost 100-percent less CO2 during the process. It is a black t-shirt that contains a spherical pattern that contains a total of 16 certified diamonds on it. The types of diamonds used are considered rare and precious.

The price tag: $400,000.

2 – UNICEF Cargo Flight

As a fundraising effort, UNICEF created a line of 12 different t-shirts and they carry price tags that range between $18 and $1,000 each. The monies collected go towards supporting people who do not have such things as clothing, shelter and food. The t-shirts themselves are simple in design – usually white in color with a green message on the front. One of these t-shirts was sold for an incredible price although there was nothing expensive on the t-shirt itself.

The price tag: $300,000

3 – Hanes/UNICEF 1996 Olympics

Introduced in Atlanta at the 1996 Olympics, UNICEF and Hanes were partners in a fundraising program. The goal was to raise money in support of children in poor countries and they chose to host auctions to sell the t-shirts through. The campaign was a huge success generating roughly $1-million per day. The black t-shirts with white lines on either side had no writing on them. The final day of the promotion, a single t-shirt bid turned one of them into an expensive shirt.

The single bid: $42,000

4 – John Lennon Home

Home restaurant owner John Lennon designed this t-shirt which was intended as a gift that got a lot of exposure on television when he wore it on several shows. Although the restaurant has since closed, the t-shirt gained so much popularity that it became quite valuable. The simple plain brown cotton t-shirt had the name ‘home’ written on it and had no other special features. It had a fair sized price tag for the creation of the garment.

The price tag: $16,400

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