Different Uses For Old T-Shirts – Part 2

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Uh-oh. That t-shirt you’ve been wearing for so long is starting to look like it’s reached the end of its life. Well, at least it probably won’t get worn too much anymore, but what will you end up doing with it?

Sure, you can retire it from your wardrobe but you probably don’t want to throw it out simply because it can very likely serve other purposes. Besides, tossing it into the trash is not very good for the environment. However, recycling that t-shirt is a green idea.

Here are some hints on how you can extend the life of that t-shirt.


Kids Clothes

Even though that t-shirt just doesn’t look that good on you anymore doesn’t mean it can’t be worn by someone else in your household. By sewing together parts of old t-shirts you can convert them into kid’s rompers that they can wear and wear out as they play.


T-shirts are a great alternative for towels, if you suddenly find you have none handy. For those with very curly hair, drying your hair with a t-shirt is actually going to be better for your head than a towel. While you’re at it, you can use an old t-shirt as a face cloth if you had to.


Old t-shirts from school, activities, clubs and events can be cut up and turned into a fashionable keepsake quilt. This is a common way for t-shirts to be recycled into something new and cherished as much as the shirts were originally.


You can sew all the opening shut and stuff them to make pillows or you can cut the t-shirt design out and add other fabric and stuff them into pillows as well.

Grocery Bags

By sewing the bottom of a t-shirt shut and cutting off the sleeves for handles, you can create a reusable grocery bag. Add some fringe on the bottom to jazz it up and you have a new use for that old t-shirt.

Make Up Wipes

By cutting old t-shirts into smaller squares you turn them into wipes that you can use when applying makeup, washing your face, prepping your face to shave and all kinds of ways you would use the average wipe.


When that t-shirt just isn’t good enough to be worn in public anymore, you can always convert it into sleepwear. Sleep shirts are common and for some, an old t-shirt makes a nice comfy pajama top.


By tearing t-shirts into long strips you can weave them into rugs. You can also braid them into area rugs that are extremely effective and durable.

New Clothing

Old t-shirts can become new clothing with a bit of imagination. A skirt can be sewn to the bottom of one to make a new outfit. Collars and sleeves can be altered to be renewed to something trendy and different.

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